Spring 2018 Running Order

Open Shooting Dog Running Order

we will run 4 braces in the morning and 2 in the afternoon


1a. Sam - Troy Watts 

1b. Bo Bo _ Rex Hodges 

2a. Kate - Jason Sanders 

2b. Bill - Ben Stringer 

3a. Mayhaw's Perfect Storm - Trey Mills 

3b. Fannie - Terry James Chastain

4a. Tallokas Sun Dial - Jason Loper 

4b. Grace - John Fuller

5a. Buck - Mark Henley 

5b. Bob  - Ray Pearce 

6a. Miller's Stray Bullet - Joel Norman 

6b. Touches Ghost Rider - Greg Shepherd 


1a. Mayhaw's Ramblin Man - Trey Mills

1b. Peggy - Tommy Rice 

2a. Molly - Billy Henley 

2b. Jack - Devin Harden 

3a. Stacey - Jason Sanders

3b. Ralph - John Fuller

4a. Ricky - Tommy Rice 

4b. Cora - Mark Henley 

5a. Ross - Tommy Rice III 

5b.Senah's Gold Shaving  - Joel Norman 

6a. Osceola's Gunsmoke Man - Jason Loper 

6b. Gal - Terry James Chastain

Derby Running Order


1a. Mike - Devin Harden

1b. Bill - Ben Stringer 

2a. Brown - Tommy Rice III

2b. Molly - Mark Henley 

3a. Bill - Jason Loper 

3b. Skipper - Mark Henley 

4a. Molly - Jason Loper 

4b. Buzz - Mark Henley 

5a. Duece - Trey Mills 

5b. L.O. - Tommy Rice III

6a. Snap Back - Greg Shepherd