Spring 2018 Running Order

Open Shooting Dog Running Order

we will run 5 braces in the morning and 3 in the afternoon


1a. Ellie - Rex Hodges

1b. Duke - Trey Mills 

2a. Willow Oak Bono - Wallace Sessions

2b. Bud - Greg Shepherd 

3a. Jack - Devin Harden 

3b. Bo - Rex Hodges

4a. Ace - Doug Reed 

4b. Jake - Billy Henley 

5a. Southern Charm - Jason Sanders 

5b. Melrose Ramblin Gal - Terry James Chastain

6a. Irresistible Thrill - Jason Sanders 

6b. Belle - Doug Reed

7a. Grand Prairie Thrill - Tommy Rice II

7b. Dekle's Sinbad Son - Tommy Rice 

8a. Melrose Rebel Heart - Terry James Chastain 

8b. Loveridge Jacks Wild - Cliff Waldrep 


1a. Jay - Danny Tankersly 

1b. June - Shon Powell 

2a. Kiss - Wallace Reed 

2b. Grace - John Fuller

3a. Kings Ransom - Ray Pearce 

3b. Jag - Greg Shepherd 

4a. Jag - Danny Tankersly

4b. Bud - Terry Butler 

5a. Sweet T - Ray Pearce 

5b. Bob - Trey Mills 

6a. Jenny - Shon Powell 

6b. Big - Phil Napier 

7a. Dogwood Birdie - Ben Stringer 

7b. Bit - Bubba Reed 

8a.  Wild Eyed Woman - Squire Lee 

8b. Bud - jason Loper 

Derby Running Order


1a. Shot - Wallace Reed

1b. Dogwood Bill - Ben Stringer 

2a. Couple up - Billy Henley 

2b.  Bo - Rex Hodges 

3a. Chief - Mark Henley 

3b. Jake - Billy Henley 

4a. Kiss - Wallace Reed 

4b. Baby - Phil Napier

5a. Mac - Jason Loper 

5b. Melrose Rebel Heart - Terry James Chastain

6a. Molly - Billy Henley 

6b. SnapBack - Greg Shepherd 

7a. Cora - Mark Henley 

7b. Ruby - Jason Loper 

8a. No Sale Could Be Bought - Billy Henley 

8b. Skip - Mark Henley 

9a. Lee's On Target - Squire Lee 

9b. Red - Wallace Reed